We’re Expecting!…Errr… EXPANDING!

We have some very exciting new developments here at Monterey CoHousing Community… On June 29th, we signed a letter of agreement to launch the EXPANSION DEVELOPMENT PROCESS!

Yes, you read that right.


Star of Bethlehem Home

Original building, Star of Bethlehem Home which became MoCoCo!

At the monthly Board meeting on June 24, through our consensus process, the Board agreed to move forward and contract with Urban Works for a concept plan.  We also set aside a funding structure to pay for this plan, soil borings, and  the continuing cost of developing. By creating a “builder” level of affiliation to MoCoCo, new families and residents will be able to make decisions in the design and building process. I think typing that out makes me a real grown-up now!

Cornerstone 1924

Main Building Cornerstone, 1924

Urban Works Architecture is working up a concept plan for the construction of up to EIGHT NEW UNITS, likely a combination of townhouses and flats, along the southeast section of our property.

If you are interested in joining our beautiful community, NOW IS THE TIME!

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One of the 7 Townhouses added to MoCoCo property in the phase 2 expansion. There are 8 units in the big building making a total of 15 households currently at MoCoCo

Our next open house will be this Sunday, July 29th from 1 to 2 pm. Immediately after this tour + Q & A we will have a short break and then a presentation of the first draft of the concept plan by Bart Nelson of Urban Works. This should take about an hour or so depending on questions.

For those who would like to hang out with a little longer to get to know our community better, we will be having a community meal at 6 pm. The cost for the meal is $5 per person and $2.50 for 12 and under. It is a great time to see how community meals at MoCoCo work and get a taste of the Co-Housing lifestyle!

Please RSVP with the number of people attending the meeting and/or the meal on our CONTACT US page. Let us know if you will be needing any childcare during the meeting. Also, if you are interested in beginning the membership process and purchasing a new unit but are not able to attend this meeting please let us know through our CONTACT US page and we can keep you in the loop.

Looking forward to seeing many of you on the 29th as our community embarks on this new adventure!



Looking Through My Daughter’s Eyes: How Our Lives Have Changed in 11 Months

Hello MoCoCo Followers!

It has been 11 months since our family moved into the Monterey Co-Op Community Housing and our lives have been enriched in so many ways.

Fall 2017


Our first Fall at MoCoCo was so beautiful. As the Earth was preparing to sleep through our long Minnesota winter, we prepared for our first Fall at MoCoCo. The colors on our land were so vivid and bright and our community was filled with celebration as the last of the organic garden harvests came in.


One of our first experiences was hosting an open house at MoCoCo where we got to know our surrounding community. While we met many of our surrounding neighbors, I got to watch my daughter revel in the warm Fall weather as she built new relationships with our new MoCoCo Family. Our (now) new neighbors, Leila and Max brought their apple press for us to use and we made fresh apple cider to share!


One of my favorite spots at MoCoCo is the Hammock. If you just need some quiet, you can go relax with a book while listening to the wind ruffling through the trees. But, its also a place of community. My daughter loves spending time in the giant Hammock with our MoCoCo Family, and it has become a place of fellowship for us.

Fall MoCoCo

Denise, Ken in Hammock

Winter 2017

Winter MoCoCo

Soon, the snow fell, and our land became quiet as the Earth went to sleep. Suddenly, many of our activities moved inside. My favorite evenings included dinner by the fireplace, and falling asleep next to my daughter in the large living room as the fire died down. Fireplaces became the new Hammock and a place for our MoCoCo community to come together. The snow also offered my daughter a chance to be a helpful member of our community when shoveling was needed.

Winter MoCoCo

Another new experience for us was culturally. Being Jewish, my daughter had never experienced Christmas traditions. She was so excited to offer her help around MoCoCo when neighbors put up their Christmas decorations. It gave her a beautiful opportunity to bond with the adults in our community while she learned about other cultures and what traditions came with them.


My personal favorite memory was when we had a snowstorm of historic proportions this past April. We were snowed in for almost 3 days, and on one evening, a good portion of the MoCoCo community ended up in our apartment. At one point, someone was cooking dinner for everyone, the children were being bathed in our two bathtubs, and most everyone was getting makeovers circa 1970. Everyone was at home because we were all snowed-in together.


Spring 2017

Eventually, after a very long winter, the snow melted, and green returned to the land of MoCoCo! Albeit a bit late in the season, the flowers began to bloom and the organizing of our Organic Garden plots began.


We have never had our very own land to grow food on, but we have been determined and ready to learn from scratch as a family. Soon we were prepping the soil, planting our vegetables, and learning about companion planting. We have been so blessed to be surrounded by such a knowledgable community to guide us as we learn a new life skill. I’ve been bestowed the nickname “Farmer Mir” and our early morning routine often includes watering our plants while “Baby Farmer” sings to all of our plants.


This spring we’ve also picked up our life-goals of becoming a more Earth-Friendly family. We started by composting all of our organics, and have cut down our garbage output to approximately one bag of garbage a week. (We were at 2-3 bags of garbage pre-compost!) At MoCoCo, we also turn that compost into nutrition for our organic garden, essentially recycling all of our own composted organics.

One of our Neighbors, Jane, has also inspired us to recycle by sewing her own line of dresses from thrifted t-shirts and recycled fabric. She is incredibly talented and is able to make a living off of her pieces. Both my daughter and I were lucky enough to be a model for her! (You can find Jane’s work at @janiettepostindustrial on twitter!)


Our community also invested in an electric, rechargeable battery-run lawnmower. Because its electric, it cuts down on the dirty exhaust that normal, small gasoline engines produce. It also cuts down on the noise level and because its self-propelled, its super easy to use. Our neighbor Susan, got to take our electric mower for its inaugural run in our courtyard.


Many Hands Make Light Work

While we’re on the topic of chores, one very nice thing about living in a CoHousing Community is that we all help each other out with projects and upkeep of our property. We have a few work-days scheduled a year to tackle big items (i.e. painting, yard work, cleaning, minor repairs, etc.) The best thing about this, as a parent, is my daughter has the opportunity to help out and contribute as a member of our community. Sometimes it might take a little longer to complete a task, but seeing how excited she gets to help and be valued makes the extra few minutes worth it.


Sunrise Sunset

Outside of the four seasons, one of the things we have loved the most are the beautiful Sunrises and Sunsets. I feel deep gratitude for living on the edge of the City, but tucked enough away that we can still experience nature in a peaceful way. Our apartment has a perfectly placed,west-facing window. At night I will often curl-up with my daughter in one of our green, craigslist up-cycled wingback chairs, and watch the sun set over the trees as we sip some mint tea.


There is always someone to hold a baby

Being a community, we often have little visitors at our community events and community dinners. While we do have a kids room for children to play in, sometimes little ones just really want to be held. One thing we definitely don’t have a shortage of is open arms.


Piano Lessons Come to You

Yes, you read that right! Another convenience of living in Community Housing is that my daughter’s piano teacher, who lives right across our courtyard, comes to our home for piano lessons. As a very busy musician myself, this makes it SO EASY to get her piano lesson in without having to chase across town during rush hour in a blizzard.


Access to Creativity

Another thing I have appreciated the past 11 months is the access my daughter has to enrich her creative side. When its our neighbor Peter’s turn to cook community dinner, he often breaks out the Karaoke, and sometimes everyone ends up singing together. My child has also had a chance to discover painting, and while she generally needs a bath afterwards, she is encouraged to discover her own creative process.

We also have many friends who are artists, and if you follow our Instagram (@mococo_in_the_park), you know that we are lucky enough to have a Peace Orb on loan in our front lawn from Artist Jess, Designed by Gregg Fleischmann. Another MoCoCo friend, Karin, is a Fire Performer Artist. Yes, you read that right! We were very lucky to have her perform on our lawn on the most beautiful evening we got here in Minnesota in October. Karin also performs with Northern Fire Dynamic, which is a Minnesota based, Midwest inclusive fire performance group. (Facebook page is HERE!)



Bottom Line

I knew we were making a wise choice when we chose to live in an intentional community. It has left my heart with so much gratitude for the enriched life we are living. Watching my daughter grow and develop in such a unique environment has been a pleasure for me and I’ve come to understand how isolated life for us would have been had we chosen to move into a single family house in the suburbs.



We’ve got some BIG NEWS coming soon! Stay Tuned.

The New People in 3W

Hi Folks!

It is a true honor to be starting our shiny new BLOG about our little CoHousing Community located near the Lakes in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. First, if you are new to the CoHousing Concept, I encourage you to check out our CoHousing Page.

Second, I thought it be appropriate to start this blog off with the adventure of how we were lucky enough to land here.


I have to preface this story by saying there is a long, crazy list of events that led up to us purchasing into the MoCoCo community. And in the midst of the crazy, by a miracle nonetheless more impressive than the parting of the Red Sea, somehow we suddenly became homeowners of MoCoCo 3W with a piano “roommate” to boot.

MoCoCo Blog 8

Anoka Fair, Mama and Avadya

A few years ago, we had visited MoCoCo for a baby shower. We had no idea this beautiful, well-kept secret of St. Louis Park even existed. Both Scott and I grew-up in St. Louis Park and know our quaint city very well. A quiet, peaceful refuge near the big city and walking distance to the lakes is very difficult to find.


Fast forward to this spring. I was invited to a party here, which UNfortunately I was not able to attend. FORTUNATELY, however, we noticed on the Monterey CoHousing Website that there was a three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 1200 square foot apartment available for purchase. Within one day we were walking through the apartment, and after the thorough approval of our 4-year-old, we were making an offer a few days later.

MoCoCo Blog 9


We began the process of getting-to-know the MoCoCo community. We attended community dinners, volunteered on the Kids-Room Team, and picked berries from the Juneberry, Mulberry, and Cherry trees. Our daughter Avadya became besties with another MoCoCo girl a little older than her, and she suddenly had lush green-space to freely roam that includes a beautiful, organic garden.





MoCoCo Bees

Our top-floor new home has a lot of charm to it too; an original freight elevator that goes directly into our apartment, exposed pipes, windows everywhere to bring the sun in, and the cutest kitchen we ever did see. There is a lot of opportunity and potential here to learn new skills such as growing your own food, beekeeping, foraging, composting, building repair, landscaping… the list goes on!

Most-importantly though, we have been greeted into MoCoCo as family. This is a place where we  have been welcomed unconditionally, and accepted as we are.

I look forward to sharing the going-ons in our CoHousing Community, and introducing you to some of the most amazing people that we’ve met.