The New People in 3W

Hi Folks!

It is a true honor to be starting our shiny new BLOG about our little CoHousing Community located near the Lakes in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. First, if you are new to the CoHousing Concept, I encourage you to check out our CoHousing Page.

Second, I thought it be appropriate to start this blog off with the adventure of how we were lucky enough to land here.


I have to preface this story by saying there is a long, crazy list of events that led up to us purchasing into the MoCoCo community. And in the midst of the crazy, by a miracle nonetheless more impressive than the parting of the Red Sea, somehow we suddenly became homeowners of MoCoCo 3W with a piano “roommate” to boot.

MoCoCo Blog 8

Anoka Fair, Mama and Avadya

A few years ago, we had visited MoCoCo for a baby shower. We had no idea this beautiful, well-kept secret of St. Louis Park even existed. Both Scott and I grew-up in St. Louis Park and know our quaint city very well. A quiet, peaceful refuge near the big city and walking distance to the lakes is very difficult to find.


Fast forward to this spring. I was invited to a party here, which UNfortunately I was not able to attend. FORTUNATELY, however, we noticed on the Monterey CoHousing Website that there was a three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 1200 square foot apartment available for purchase. Within one day we were walking through the apartment, and after the thorough approval of our 4-year-old, we were making an offer a few days later.

MoCoCo Blog 9


We began the process of getting-to-know the MoCoCo community. We attended community dinners, volunteered on the Kids-Room Team, and picked berries from the Juneberry, Mulberry, and Cherry trees. Our daughter Avadya became besties with another MoCoCo girl a little older than her, and she suddenly had lush green-space to freely roam that includes a beautiful, organic garden.





MoCoCo Bees

Our top-floor new home has a lot of charm to it too; an original freight elevator that goes directly into our apartment, exposed pipes, windows everywhere to bring the sun in, and the cutest kitchen we ever did see. There is a lot of opportunity and potential here to learn new skills such as growing your own food, beekeeping, foraging, composting, building repair, landscaping… the list goes on!

Most-importantly though, we have been greeted into MoCoCo as family. This is a place where we  have been welcomed unconditionally, and accepted as we are.

I look forward to sharing the going-ons in our CoHousing Community, and introducing you to some of the most amazing people that we’ve met.